Q: We have a date set for our session! What now? 
A: Upon booking your photo session, half of your session fee is due as your retainer (non-refundable), and this can be sent via Paypal or Venmo within 24 hours of confirming a date. This non-refundable deposit does go towards the photo session fee, as it secures the date and time of the photo shoot.

Q: How do we receive our images from our session?
A: All photography sessions include a preview proof gallery for you to choose your favorites to be processed. You will also have the option to purchase the entire preview proof gallery. Upon receiving your final gallery, you'll be able to download your images in high resolution to print through recommended companies. Print recommendations will be provided upon client's request after final gallery has been delivered.

Q: What if there are more images I'd like to purchase from our session?
A: Just can't narrow down to the included number of images from your preview gallery? No worries! Each additional image is $20, or you may purchase the full gallery at a discounted price which will be offered when your preview proof gallery is sent.

Q: Can we post our images on social media?
A: Yes, but please remember just a few things. Do not screen shot photographs from your preview proof gallery and upload them on social media. This does not display your image in the best quality possible for web resolution. Please credit Des'ola Photography by providing either the website or Facebook photography page's link. In regards to Instagram, posting the image in its original form without additional filters is appreciated. Do not crop any image being shared on social media without permission.

Q: There is a location I'd love to photograph in, but it isn't local to you. What can I do? 
A: Sometimes my clients know of an amazing location and it's outside of Goose Creek, South Carolina. I'm thrilled for the opportunity, and traveling fees may apply.

Q: I'd love to gift a photo session to a family member or friend for a future date. Is this possible?
A: Yes! Gift certificates are always available for any dollar amount! Note every gift certificate has an expiration date and cannot be honored after that written date. Most gift certificates have a six month after issue expiration date. Any discounts or specials will not be doubled with a gift certificate.

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Q: What information do we need to know with booking our wedding photography services?
A: Prior to the wedding date (no less than 6 months), the bride & groom, photographer, and photographer's assistant (if applicable) will sign a wedding contract, which both keep a copy, and a retainer (half of the total wedding photography fee and is a non-refundable deposit) is required. The remaining fee is due no less than 14 days before the wedding day. The retainer must be paid and contract must be signed in order for the wedding date to be booked.
A traveling fee will be added outside of Goose Creek, South Carolina (additional fees may apply). If I am flying to your location, there will be a traveling fee to cover costs of my round-trip plane ticket, rental car, along with covering for a two-night stay at a local hotel.

Q: Will I receive all of the images you take at the wedding?
A: No, you will not receive all of the images I photographed on your special day. However, the images you receive on your personalized online gallery are the best from the wedding, as I go through every image seeing which one is the best from each scenario. Understand that you also are paying for my time and expertise to edit through the photographs so you do not have to worry!

Q: I am wanting some retouching done on images done on the wedding day. Is that included in the wedding services fee?
A: I do light retouching digital work, if needed, to images of the bride and groom only. For example, any small blemishes or brightening of the eyes is considered light retouching. Any extensive retouch digital work will be considered an additional fee since that time is not included in the wedding services fee. You may refer to the Retouch Work tab for examples and pricing.
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Your photographs are an investment. Trust your photographer. You aren't just paying for images, but you are also paying for their time and technique to capture your life in the best way possible of what it is in the now.
• Last Updated 14 SEPTEMBER 2020 •


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