So, I have really began opening my eyes and going through my imagination of what I'd like to photograph. This weekend, I did some self portraits in a cornfield. Many of you know I am terrified of grasshoppers, which I am not too proud of, but I've embraced it I suppose. Anyways, this cornfield flourished with these grasshoppers, and somehow I conquered my fear just enough to make some photos with one of the best looking cornfields I've seen.

I also photographed Kayla McGuire in different fields. I have not edited all of them, but here are a couple of my favorites from a field filled with different weeds and wildflowers. Thanks Kayla:

I feel like I am romanticizing and lying all at the same time, and I see a reflection of myself in my photographs now. Everything looks so inviting and beautiful, when in some views it is and in some it is not. These places are usually itchy, hot, humid, and if you're scared of bugs and other creatures, you face that fear as well. This I find so bittersweet and feel so blessed I have photography in my life. Indulge. Always.



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