Early Morning at the Stables with Stacy

I had the privilege to go with Stacy Pearsall to the stables where she keeps her horse, Sir Prize, on Halloween morning. I photographed and made some video for part of my Photojournalism II photo essay on Stacy. I wanted to share just a few of the photographs from my experience. I also was able to ride Sir Prize before I left which was quite the experience since I have never rode a horse without someone guiding the horse. I've always loved horses, but now I know even more why people love them. It's an amazing therapy when you're riding a horse. All of my stress I have had melted away for those moments (this was after I got over my nerves!).

I won't go into much detail with the photos, as I'll more than likely post my photo essay video when everything is done, which will be in a few weeks. Just in advance, thank you Stacy for being my inspirational subject!

I really love this (Stacy Pearsall and her husband, Andy Dunaway).



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