Assisting Photographer Clifton Parker

I had the great opportunity today to assist Clifton Parker. I highly recommend looking through his website and seeing his talent.

Below are some photographs taken behind the scenes:

MUA, Kaylin, with model, Valarie. I did not even know I was in the shot until I uploaded the images to my computer!

This is an up close shot of Valarie's hair completed.

When the stylist, Jamie Lin, arrived, I was thrilled to see her unpacking the suitcases of dresses and accessories. This was my favorite suitcase unveiled which is full of hats and other fascinating things. Indeed, that is a real bird made into a hat.

This staircase I immediately fell in love with. In the background is Kaylin touching up Valarie's makeup.

Kaylin, Jamie Lin, and Valarie conversing.

It was truly an honor to be in a room full of creative people. You can feed off of each other, and I could feel the inspiration filling up the room.

Before entering the right building (since I was lost at first), I went inside a building with this quote on the wall. I find it very fitting for today. Today was a great day.




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