Lisa & Michael

The last time I photographed Lisa and Michael was in October 2007, and I've been wanting to photograph them again for quite sometime. Here is a photograph from the last time I photographed them:

This weekend, I got the chance to photograph them again as a graduation gift to Lisa (By the way, she'll be graduating from USC with a Bachelor's in Finance on Monday, December 14!) Below are my favorites from the shoot:

This is my absolute favorite from the shoot. The feel is timeless.

Lisa wasn't really acting for the photograph as she really was starting to get chilly in the cool weather.

One of the last shots of the shoot.

A classic cheesy shot, but I still love these couple shots.

This is probably one of my favorite sequence shots I've ever done. (please click to view larger)

I've always enjoyed photographing them together. To end this blog, I'd like to share what I wrote inspired by them when I photographed them in 2007, and it still holds true: "I'm sure some wonder how I'm able to take these photographs, but I simply love taking them, capturing couples in their own little moment. When I think about it, you would think I'd feel invasive, but as a photographer, you're with them. I like to think one day I'll be in their position, where another photographer will be there seeing how happy in love we are."




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