Photographing Beatrice

I had the priviledge to photograph Beatrice yesterday, whom I have not seen since high school! I was so thrilled with the photographs we made together. I have so many favorites from the shoot, but I'll be posting only a couple (due to being on a very slow dial-up connection at the time of writing this post):

We made photographs in this field near St. Paul's Lutheran Church in Gilbert, SC. During the photoshoot, we noticed there was a deer in the field who accompanied us, but unfortunately it ran in the opposite direction once it knew it was not alone.

This is probably my favourite shot from the whole shoot. I love the mood of it. The light smiled on me greatly with this photograph.

I decided to shoot near the old barn we have back home after shooting in the field. I am trying to use it's failing structure as long as I can before it collapses since it is over 60 years old and for the 15 years my parents have owned this place, I have seen weather tear it down considerably. I believe even after it comes down, I'll be using it's spot for photographing.

Just for a random note, I am on break, so I currently have a PC laptop. I am missing my great iMac. Random note finished.

I hope to photograph Beatrice in the future! It was a blast.


PS: A great thanks also goes to my assistant, Heather V., during this shoot!


  1. Yay! I'm excited! And I can't wait to see all the pictures when you're finished.

    By the way, if you EVER need a model for class, my twin and I would both LOVE to help you out!

  2. Those are awesome. I can imagine a lot of the photos were great. There was probably only a few photos that were not worthy of saving, IF that.

    Beatrice you are a natural. Great job Des'ola, like always!


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