Dreams and Nightmares

For Location Photography II, we had to create some images with the theme of dreams and/or nightmares. Most of us can relate a lot of times they do not make sense and what we dream or have nightmares about differ from imagination to imagination.

"There are some people who live in a dream world, and there are some who face reality; and then there are those who turn one into the other." -D. Everett

The first couple of images were inspired by a special someone. I'd like to thank my boyfriend, Kevin, for being my muse for these photographs. These represent a new season for me, and I cannot wait for more creations from it.

I tend to daydream about this spot on Folly Beach. The last night Kevin and I spent in SC together, we went to Folly Beach late at night and walked the shoreline around this spot. However, that time with him was more comforting than making this photograph, as it was in 50 degree weather with sheer cloth instead of a hoodie and jeans.

"The beautiful moments begin when I dream of you. When you are not by my side, I think of you and we are together through memories of laughter and hearing your heartbeat against my ear. Keep this close to your heart and think of us in this moment when loneliness wants to cloak you. I am with you when happiness kisses your face, and I am beside you when life troubles your day. Until I touch you again, know I believe in little to very few things, and I believe in us like the sun rises for the earth. You give me strength and the unforced smile on my face to share with the world. Daydream, and I love you all over again. Oh, the face which greets me in the morning is missed. You are what I have tried and wanted to wake up to. Find me finding you, and this discovery is gorgeous. Hello melody, and the notes piece together to create a story. Sleep well, dear, and I miss you so much."


To a darker place, these are a few of my nightmare photographs for the assignment:

A great thanks goes to my great friend, Sharon, for modeling with this bumble bee.

Ever since I was a little girl, I have been scared of grasshoppers. I wish I wasn't so terrified of these creatures, but I guess the way they look and the unpredictability of where they are going to hop to next makes me uneasy.

This is a real cow skull which is about two years old. The brown on the top left of the skull is part of the hide that has yet to deteriorate (yes, this skull had a very unpleasing smell). This could be an abstract representation of how I felt as a little girl growing up on a farm and how there was beauty and ugliness with it. I enjoyed being with animals, but if I ever got close to one of them and they died, it was something difficult to handle as a child, trying to hold onto the innocent memories; however, they decay, and one of my first memories of a dead animal on the farm was this baby calf that suddenly died and I remember seeing it's face staring straight at me wondering why such a beautiful animal was lifeless. I began to learn what the circle of life was and how it is was impossible to run away from.



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