Locations Through Lexington and Saluda County

This weekend I was on an adventure to find different locations to photograph for part of my exit portfolio. I had some disappointments, but most were surprises on what I found.

I have passed this location so many times, and lately I have been determined to photograph this place in my home town. The windmill on the left has been down for many years.

These two shots were pretty much on a whim. I have seen this off in the distance off of #1 highway, but I never really took much thought until Mama and I were on the road it was on and I told her to turn around. When I stared longer, I saw the potential this place had.

This location is somewhere in either Lexington or Saluda County, and at this time my energy was plummeting, but once I got out and saw what was inside this shed, my adrenaline rushed. I loved the rust on this truck and the history that is hidden from many.

Another weekend where "I am pulled back, almost unconsciously" (from "My Ethereal South" artist statement).




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