Quick Connecticut Visit

This past weekend, I made a quick surprise visit to Connecticut. Most of these photographs are made in Watch Hill, RI, where I experienced being on a northern beach for the first time in my life. It was quite the experience. Every time I visit up there, I find another new beautiful thing. I am so thankful for my boyfriend, not just for being him, but because of him, he has given me a connection to many amazing and inspiring people. These are my favorite photographs made:

This was made during the flight from Detroit, MI, to Providence, RI. I was in love with the sky for the hours I was up with it.

Driving through road construction traffic in Mystic, CT, I found this Siamese cat soaking up the sun in a window sill, and I captured a photo of it. I wanted to photograph it again, and by the time I turned around, it had already left.

I am unsure where this cemetery is, but I can tell you it is somewhere in Connecticut near Mystic. I really liked the mausoleum, which was the initial reason I entered the cemetery.

A close up of the mausoleum.

Lacy's feet in the sand of Nappatree Beach in Watch Hill, RI.

This is a photograph of beautiful Frances Mileski (we call her Fran). She's a great photographer and has such a similar style to mine.

The large and expensive houses on the shore of Nappatree Beach.

This is the Watch Hill lighthouse. I was very happy to get close to it and make a photograph.

This is Fran making a photo of me making a photo of her.

I believe I'd like to stay at the Ocean House. It is absolutely gorgeous, and I would have posted the full view of it, but it was currently under construction, and I wanted to give this beautiful place justice in my blog!

This photograph was made with my point and shoot camera (my dslr was in my bag that I couldn't quickly get out on the plane). It was right before the sun said good night and the whole sky looked like it had a blanket of light blue fleece.

No matter where you go, find the places and people who inspire you and keep them close.




  1. These are gorgeous. I wish I could have come up there with you to see these sights. I am glad you enjoyed yourself and got to spend some time with Kevin (even if it was for short periods of time). I am glad you are happy. I am also glad you had inspiration to take photos. I love seeing your photos, they always make me smile.

    I also just went and checked out Frances' site, and I must say she has some nice stuff on there. :)

  2. Des,
    Never cease to amaze me...You are absolutely unbelieveable! These photos take my breath away..i love the one of fran taking a photo of you and you taking a photo of her..so breath taking...and my feet in the sand...GOD you're such an inspiration and a great person to share this inspiration with! Cannot wait to see your beautiful face again! I love you!

  3. I have chills Des'ola, I kid you not. Your photos are breathtaking, your processing style is completely unique. I think you are fast becoming one of my most fav photographers. (and I love my photo!)
    (any chance you could send a full resolution to frances.mileski@gmail.com) I have to print it !


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