Sean and Heather in Spring

It has been a while since I have done a photo shoot of Sean London, Heather's son. I have had the amazing privilege to be photographing him since the womb, and I've watched him grow. He, to me, is my sand in an hourglass, letting me know how time grows and runs away and into you, with or without you. If and when I have a kid, I hope to have one just as photogenic as he is. Here are my favorites of him and my best friend, Heather:

This could possibly be one of my favorite off moments I've ever captured with the subject, camera, and I combined. This is Sean's true emotion of getting tiresome, but later I assured him if I had permission to make more photos of him, he would get a homemade chocolate chip cookie. Conclusion: he enjoyed a cookie with milk after the shoot.

I did not direct Sean into the position he was in, but I found it absolutely perfect for the shot.

These photographs represent the Spring I want to have where it is beautiful and peaceful. My Spring consists of dry nostrils, coughing throats, and pollen coated every things.




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