Dreaming in Red

This weekend I had another shoot in mind, but it failed. I have always been inspired by the vintage red couch I have in the guest bedroom back home and always wanted to do an actual photo shoot with it. Wrapping up my specialization portfolio, I believe this would be a nice mixer to the photographs. Below are my absolute favorites, and it was difficult to pick from.

If my best friend, Heather, does not feel like she resembles Marilyn Monroe now, I don't know if I will ever convince her. She still has her own unique beauty, but the way she laughs and some of her looks she has is so striking to the blonde bombshell back in the day.

My favorite. Well, this is pretty neck and neck with the first one, so I am unsure what exactly is my favorite.

Indeed, that is an old sewing machine. Mama and I use it as a vanity now.

I gave this fan to Mama for her mother's day this year, and it is already getting it's beautiful use.

A major thanks goes to my best friend, Heather. I know it seems like I use her as a model time and time again, but she is the one who is the most reliable and who is usually always there to back me up. I am ever so Thankful for this wonderful lady.




  1. Very nice. The red couch makes a great setting for these.

  2. Gorgeous photos like always! And Heather makes for the perfect model!


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