My Great Grandmother's Table Cloth

With each of my photographs in my specialization portfolio, I want to express a relationship in history which can be timeless. Trying to find something to wear for the photographs I made this weekend, Mama pulled out my Great Grandmother Ellis' table cloth, and I found it to be a great element. I am sure if she found out her great grand-daughter was going to be posing with just the table cloth, she would have not been happy at all; let's also add the table cloth would be on the ground! In present day, I brought this table cloth back out into the world using it in a way it probably shouldn't be used. The following images were my favorite:

This and the following images are my absolute favorites. I did not even realize how the branch above my head had the similar shape of my head and back, which it was a pleasant surprise, adding to the photograph.

This is the amazing perk of being short. I looked at this opening of the old barn and wondered if it would be able to cover my chest area. I was happy to see it could, and figured out a way to wrap the table cloth to cover the bottom half. These images are the ones I live for. The surprise and being able to work with it is beautiful to me.




  1. These are wonderful... The last one is a very shy Venus de Milo with a twist.


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