Perfume Product Shot

For my exit portfolio, we need to have two product shots. My first product shot was of my graduation ring, and the second one I decided to do on my favorite perfume, True Religion. At first, I thought I was going to do some simple dandelions around it, and then my mom asked if I wanted to have more, and so just in case, we went to a field I have photographed in before and picked some wildflowers. When I put everything out on the table and started to lay things around the perfume bottle, I noticed two ladybugs. At first, I just photographed one of them on a dandelion, thinking I would not be putting them in the shot.

This was done before doing my product shot I knew in-camera was my favorite.

After making some shots of the ladybug shown above, I decided to try and set it with the wildflowers and perfume. It kept wanting to move everywhere but where I wanted it to stay. Meanwhile, I began to realize even in a product shot, I am wanting something that isn't static and something I can work with since I am more attracted to doing location portraits. I began to get tiresome of this ladybug and I let it go wherever it wanted. The other ladybug, which I didn't find as pretty since it wasn't as brightly colorful, decided to crawl up the perfume. I took this opportunity to make some shots with it. Watching it through my lens, I noticed it was making circles around the top of the perfume. During this was when I found my photograph I wanted, and it was because of the ladybug I didn't want originally deciding to become a part of my product shot.

I am usually not stoked about product photography, but the adventure I had making this shot happen was inspiring. I am really happy with it and gives me a brighter outlook on making more product photographs. This ladybug is now immortalized and doesn't even know it.




  1. I love this. :) This photo is so you. I am glad it made you have an eventful evening and I hope your back is feeling better.

  2. I feel like this was an ugly duckling moment...sort of. Kudos to the unwanted lady bug who had better social skills because he wasn't as pretty as the pompous, uncooperative one.
    It's like life. lol


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