Southern Interior Architecture

As part of my exit portfolio, I needed to photograph the interior of architecture, and after I photographed the beautiful southern plantation houses, I knew what interior I wanted to capture. I photographed a living room which belongs to a very southern couple named Martha & Herb. Herb is my father's best friend, and Martha is definitely the sweetest southern woman I probably may ever know in my life. Her voice I can never forget, and she stills says "I do declare" and "Lord have mercy". As a little girl, I would like to come over to their house and spend time with Martha and she would allow me to play with some of her beautiful tea sets from her china cabinet and these homemade stuffed animals, which are in a basket in one of the photographs. She had a beautiful rose garden I would be able to get a couple of roses from almost every time I visited. I would have molasses cookies from time to time with her, and to this day the same brand molasses cookies are still delicious to me and I think of her every time I see the package of them. She's a southern woman I wish everyone could have as I know the beautiful southern charm she has is slowly fading from this world.

This is their second living room they have, and the one I rarely went into when I was younger. Years ago, southern homes would have a special room for special company, and I assume this was that room. Nothing in this room was moved around, as I wanted to keep the same aura of the room that Martha has put into it. She always keeps things this neat and tidy in her house, regardless if she says her house is a mess sometimes.

This is my favorite photograph out of the bunch, as I feel like these chairs represent Martha & Herb. In the small stand beside the red chair are baby shoes from Martha's family generations, which I believe one dates back from the very late 1800's-early 1900's.

This basket in the corner is what I was talking about in the earlier paragraph about the homemade stuffed animals. When I looked at them during the shoot, I was taken back to when I was a little girl not having a care in the world, not knowing what priceless treasures this amazing woman had in her home.

I do hope one of these goes into my portfolio, not just because it will fit with the other images, but because of the history and relationship I have with the people who own it. This, again, gives me proof on how photography makes my life memorable and worthwhile.




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