Kayla Wheat

Kayla McGuire and I made a short vacation in North Carolina this past weekend. Of course, we had to do some photographic opportunities. We were on the search for a field to photograph in, and luckily we found a wheat field where there was somewhat of privacy (thanks to Kayla for the sneaky idea). Just the day before we did the shoot, I found a pheasant skin with its original feathers and could not resist in buying it. When I saw it, I immediately had a photographic idea for it, and Kayla just inspired me more with her country charm, so I had to have her model with it. Below are my favorite photographs from the shoot:

Before the shoot, we found a field filled with Queen Anne's Lace, and this was one of them I actually brought back with me and is still drying on my dashboard of my car.

Find beauty no matter where you are.




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