Savannah Wedding

Last Saturday, I was in Savannah, GA, for the first time in my life. It is a beautiful city and very similar to Charleston, SC. This was also my first wedding in a beautiful cathedral named The Cathedral of St. John the Baptist. I was very inspired with this church and was very happy with the setting of the wedding. Below are some of my favorites from the wedding of Carol Ann & Scott, posed and off-guard moments throughout.

I was so thankful to be at this angle to get the ceremony shots.

This was where I was, to give you an idea of where I was shooting from. I had the honor to be with this woman, as she led the way of where I was to go (this whole cathedral is a labyrinth of secret rooms and passage ways it seems) and during that small journey, I found out she had been with the church since she was 16 years old.

The rosary on her wonderfully deep red bouquet was her mother's.

One of my favorites from photographing the wedding. Since this was in a Catholic church, I felt like this was very Mother Mary inspired.

Due to the rain and terrible heat & humidity combined outside, we made our bridal party photographs inside. This was my challenge, as my style thrives with natural light and outside on-location. I am still satisfied with the photographs we made as they were very patient with me making sure I got the light the way I wanted with them.

A split second face and I smiled because I thought I would do something like this if/when I get married.

In the moment of their First Kiss as husband & wife, I made about five frames (this is clicking the shutter for five frames in a matter of approximately two seconds). Only one frame captured their kiss. I was so Thankful to get that shot; however, if I get a First Kiss as husband & wife, I want it to be more than less a second.

Another one of my top favorites.

Here is one of my secrets when I photograph weddings: I am usually holding back tears during the dances, especially the father/daughter dance. Capturing a moment like Carol Ann with her father during their dance as she has a tear gracing her cheek (picture left) was wonderful.

Kids can have some real fun moments.

This made me chuckle that night as I looked at it behind my camera. Editing this, I was thinking of the captions which could be with this.

Congratulations Carol Ann & Scott. May life greet you with happiness each day.




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