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I haven't had an inspiring shoot in a while, and suddenly in two days I had one of my great friends, Gaia (tattoo artist at Mr. Shorty's Tattoo Emporium), to be my lovely muse and we went around and I photographed her in various locations. The first day, I raced with the sunset light, and we even had a guy in a work truck attempt to pull over & put his truck in park and watch while I photographed. He was shooed away, most definitely. Below are my favorites from the shoot:

The next day, we wanted to see if the sunflower field we wanted to photograph at had perked up, but unfortunately everything looked glum, and I wasn't feeling a pull to photograph there, so we drove. We decided to drive on i26 in SC and then off of an exit, she discovered this old home beside a church. I smiled when she found this because when my eyes met this house and we walked around it, I felt creativity in my veins. Unfortunately, the house was locked, but we still got some lovely shots around it. Below are some of my favorites (there were so many):

This is what the house looked like. The right part of the house is not shown due to a tree (obviously).

The broom was already in this image. Nice natural prop!

This was one of Mama's favorites because she loved Gaia's stance.

Capturing Gaia's laugh and pouty lips.

This could easily be one of my favorite photos I've done this year. I love the colors, the lingering body language she has, and the dimension of the photograph inviting you.

Afterwards, we drove around 10 miles more and we found a cotton field in its fresh blooming glory. I have photographed on this very land before when it was a dying and brown corn field. At first, I did not like the light for the location, but these images surprised me.

This image is difficult to say which I like better ...black and white or in color, but I chose black and white to show for this blog.

While testing my light settings, this was a test shot and I thought it, among with others, were going to not be used, and this image just pierced me, awaiting to be post processed. I plan on printing this.

Due to the unknown age of the general audience this blog has, I censored this image and I hope it does not hinder the power of the photograph.

Thank you, Gaia, for being in my life. You give inspiration to my photography and life.




  1. They are beautiful.

  2. You are truly talented and your photographs capture my attention. I have known Gaia since she was little, her and my sister used to fall headfirst into any and all mischief whenever they were together. I love seeing these beautiful images of her. You are an amazing artist and it (as always) is a treat to view your work.


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