Eddie Adams Workshop: My Photo Assignment

This past weekend, I was in New York for the Eddie Adams Workshop. I was a part of the Pink Team. Our team leader was Stacy Pearsall, the producer was Mike Stewart (Associated Press), and editor was Santiago Lyon (Associated Press). I'd like to give a great thanks to each of them. Because of them taking time out of their extremely busy schedules, they made the Pink Team's EAW experience memorable and inspiring which will stay with us for the rest of our lives.

My assignment was located at the Kiamesha Lanes in Kiamesha Lakes, New York. Thank you, Fran, for letting me shadow you and document the bowling alley. I had the opportunity to go through behind-the-scenes of the bowling alley, including being on the gutters inbetween the lanes as people bowled and I even got to go behind the wall where the pins are sorted. She allowed me to go to her home and photograph some of her personal life there. Another thanks for the Cookie Crisp, banana, and Sunny D for breakfast! The following images are my favorites from photographing.

The bowling alley shih tzu.

These pins were outside on the side of the building, and Fran said one day she was walking and saw these randomly laying here, not sure of the story why they're there.

A special thanks goes to Stacy Pearsall and the guys from Manfrotto Distributions for the assistance of the lighting set-up of this portrait (they are the bowlers in the background). My inspiration was uplifted after this very image for the rest of the this shoot.

This is an overhead shot of how the pins are sorted. What you hear after you bowl is what you see here as the machine quickly gets the pins ready for them to be knocked down again.

These are the smallest and biggest size (20!) of bowling shoes available.


This was quite the adrenaline rush photographing at this angle.

This cat was over 20 years old and belonged to Fran's mother.

This is the backyard of Fran's home. Look at how beautiful Autumn in New York is.

I cannot thank the Eddie Adams Workshop enough for the experience I had. I'd also like to say I greatly appreciate my new Kata camera bag, and I look forward to using it on future photo shoots. To everyone who made EAW possible, a big Thank You goes to you. Because of you, we are even more inspired than ever to document what we see in the world. With this experience, I have realized even more of what kind of photographer I am. My heart belongs to photographing people and above all, having the human element included. In 2010, I have had many changing moments which have been so powerful for me, and this is definitely a big one.


(To view more photos from EAW, see my Facebook album here)


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