Meara & Daniel

I met Meara & Daniel earlier this year in March I believe. Daniel is on the same submarine as my boyfriend, Kevin, and since they're good friends, I met Meara and am fortunate to call her a good friend as well. This past weekend, I photographed the married couple in Bluff Point located in Groton, Connecticut. I have walked this three mile trail before and have mentally noted how there are places I'd love to photograph with beautiful people, and I got my opportunity with them. Here are some of my favorites from the shoot, which I noticed most involve them with lips locked. Love in touch I find beautiful:

I am so Honored and Thankful when I can photograph Love. Thank you Meara & Daniel.



  1. Oh my gosh these are just... BEAUTIFUL!!!! I am so excited to see all the rest of them too!!!! I am honored to call you a good friend as well :) Thank you s much for lending your craft to our family pictures!!!



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