Snow in Leesville, SC, USA

I am Thankful I was at my house in Leesville, SC, for the holidays. I had waited in Connecticut for over a month to see this snow, when really I just needed to be in my home state of South Carolina. We got about two inches or so of snow, and it is already beginning to melt. When I woke up around 11am, I looked out the window. When I noticed it was still snowing, I quickly put on clothes, grabbing my tripod and camera and out the door I went. I got to hear the snow fall and the compacting of it underneath my mom's boots I swiped for this adventure. I can now say a snowflake has gotten in my eye as well. Below are the majority of what I edited down. Enjoy this journey of snow in the South, which is far and few between (click on the images to see a larger view).

The cedar trees on the side of our house

The back of our oldest barn on the property (60+ years)

The very end of our driveway

China berry tree

Front of our oldest barn on the property (60+ years)

At our grapevines

The gate leading to the back pasture

One of my favorites from the whole shoot. Look at those eyelashes.

This is the upside to snow. With just one pure color blanketing the grounds, it changes the whole environment into wonder. How can something so beautiful be so chilling, dangerous, and affect a life's scheduled time into frustration? For this, we can call this fluffy precipitation bittersweet.



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