Old House Near Mystic, CT

This old house has captured me since last year, and I was able to photograph it the way I best vision it this early afternoon. Here are my favorites of the house and surrounding areas located on the outskirts of Mystic, Connecticut.

This is near my friend's house, and I did not realize how much snow was in this area until I looked down and my boots were covered (at least a foot and a half of snow).

These two images were taken less than 24 hours from one another. The top was taken when the sun was on its way to sunset, and the bottom image was taken when fresh falling snow was still accumulating. I wanted to share this especially because it goes to show how light and weather combined can change how a certain place or person feels and is shown.

Fun fact: On this day, I drove through freshly falling snow and shoveled it for the first time in my life.



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