Boston - Farthest North I've Been

This past weekend I went to Boston, MA, for the first time. This is the farthest North both Kevin and I have been in this life. I'd like to share my journey through a few photographs. Boston is just too much for so little of less than two days, but this is what I captured in less than 48 hours:

Boston from our hotel room (10th floor).

I am still getting used to the sight of seeing ponds, lakes, etc., frozen solid. For me, I am in awe to see so much water froze. This was photographed in the Public Garden in Boston.

On February 26, 2011, I experienced my first subway ride. I must say it is wonderful seeing so many different people in one spot. I was inspired thinking I should do a subway ride one day simply photographing portraits of the many different faces I see which go in and out of the subway.

I found the way to Wonderland, and it is located in Boston.

Kevin taking a gander at our map.

In Boston, I probably also experienced the tallest buildings I've seen in my life as well.

I end this blog with a photograph of Kevin with my elephant, Buster, after our trip of Boston. Ah-musing.



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