Alma & Blythe

Alma and Blythe have been great friends since middle school. It was great photographing such lovely and beautiful ladies. I am also thankful the peach orchard I love so much was in perfect Spring blooming to photograph in as well. Below are just some of my favorite images from the shoot. I have so many to pick from, which I always feel fortunate to say when it is difficult for me to narrow down to a few images from a photo shoot!:

I wanted to end this blog with an amusing photo. I do not think I have seen a photo like this before. These old tubs are at my parents' house at the oldest barn on our property back home, and whenever I can, I try to photograph with them. Rustically sexy.



  1. These photos are gorgeous Des. You're right, I'm sure it was difficult to choose just these photos. It's hard to pick a favorite from just these. Your images never cease to amaze me at how talented you've grown in your skills and passion. I'm so proud of you. ^_^


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