Bridal Portraits of Lisa

I have known Lisa since 2003. We actually met online as we exchanged poetry since we wrote a lot in our teen years. Eight years later (yes, 8!), I had the beautiful privilege to photograph her bridal and engagement portraits and also was in her wedding today to see her wed her love, Michael Katsos. I now have the great opportunity to share my favorite bridal portraits we made together:

Lisa, you were classy and elegant when I photographed these, and you glowed today as a classically elegant bride today. I'm sorry I had tears in my eyes as I saw you walk down the steps as Jesse was about to give you away, but it's funny how in that small little moment all of our memories of our friendship just flashed as you took each step to your love. I do wish you & Michael so much love each day you have together. I'm glad I call y'all my great friends. I look forward to seeing how the future grows for all of us. Congratulations, dear bride. You did it.



  1. These are beautiful.

    p.s. What is the blue thing going on in the last picture?

  2. Nisha, I wondered that myself. I think it was a part of the process I did with those pictures, and the shadow's color turned out this way. I have gone back and forth wondering if I like it, but I did not think it distracted so much. I guess if someone pointed it out, maybe it is too much of a distraction!


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