Alice in Harkness

This weekend I had the privilege to photograph a girl who also happens to be in the Navy (rock on!). This was also the first time I photographed in Harkness Park where everything was blooming and it wasn't all dead and freezing. Alice was wonderful to photograph, and I believe I did express her free style and spirit through these images! Here are just some of my favorites from the lovely shoot:

I do hope Alice forgives me for posting this, but I wanted to share this moment. Somehow I captured right where her ankle twisted from the very uneven stepping rocks. She was graceful though when I asked if she was alright and she said she was completely fine and got right back up. She's got guts.

I could not choose between this black & white and style, so I decided to post both. The black & white version is now on the website.

I love this image out of focus so much (right off the camera too!)

Just knowing Alice for a couple of hours, I'd have to say this could probably be classically her.

Thanks Alice!!



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