Alma & Beatrice: The Koon Twins

I had the honor to photograph Alma and Beatrice together when I was back in South Carolina. It is always great to photograph these short beautiful women, as they should be models. Well, they ARE models to me! I always have such difficulty narrowing down photographs for them when I post-process, and I'm Thankful to have that! These are my favorites!

The next four photographs were made in a cemetery in my hometown. I know plenty of cemeteries in and around where I grew up, but I never knew of this one which holds the first mayor of Batesburg. They had a great eye for this location!

At this location, a very quaint little church, we experienced probably my most humorous/best awkward situation. I have received plenty of car honks, cars slowing down (even guys putting their trucks in park and me having to tell them they need to leave), cars slowing down then seeing a camera phone taking a photo of what's going on, but what I'm about to type took the cake. A truck passed this church with a guy hanging out the window yelling, "Praise the Lord!!" to those gorgeous twins. I won't forget that, haha. I also want to point out these ladies have some great gams!

I love the feel of this image so much.

Alma, your eyes make this photo. I'm very happy with this image we made together.

Girls, it is always wonderful to photograph y'all, and I look forward to our next photography adventure. Stay beautiful.



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