JT the 5 Year Old

Carissa decided to surprise her boyfriend by doing a photo-shoot of his son, JT, for Father's Day (yes, it is about a month off, but she's being smart by getting it done early & also making a canvas from her favorite photo!). JT is quite the polite 5 year old, saying thank you and giving me dandelion flowers throughout the shoot. These are my favorites from it!:

We did an evil trick by telling JT to open the door ...knowing the door was locked, but this expression was well worth the trickery to a little boy!

Thanks, Carissa, and I hope the boyfriend loves these photos and I look forward to seeing the canvas!




  1. omg Des, these are AWESOME!!!!! HA!

  2. My favorite is the tree <3
    Do we know where the "taha" came from or what it means?

  3. My assumption with the "TAHA" is it is initials. That's all I know.


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