Baby Girl O

The last time I photographed Meara it was with her husband, Daniel (who is on the same boat as my boyfriend in the Navy), on a cold November day last year. You can view that blog here. Now, in the summer season of 2011 on the day of July 19, they found out they were having a baby girl. I was bursting with anticipation of what she was having, and she was a darling to come by my work the day she knew arriving with a pink ribbon around her expecting belly. Later that day, I photographed her in all of her mother glory. She had her favorite flower, stargazer lily (which happened to be in my front yard), in a pink ribbon around her waist. In some of the photos, you'll also see her pointe ballet shoes. For a fun fact, Meara has been in dance for 19 years! This shoot definitely is one of my favorites for the books. For our location, I chose Ocean Beach in Connecticut, and here are some of my favorites from our shoot together:

One of my favorite images I've ever created with someone.

I look forward to meeting your baby girl, Meara. I'll be there on that day you bring her into the world, supporting you and awaiting this precious little bundle.



  1. I must agree, probably my favorite shoot you have posted up. :) I definitely love the last two photos. Too cute.


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