Lauren & Chris + precious Ashlynn

I have known Lauren for quite a few years now, yet I never hung out with her. I knew of her and was extremely proud when I found out a beautiful woman like her went into the Marines (yeah, the gorgeous gal who is in these photos was in the military)! Her husband, Chris, is still in the Marines and I'd just like to give a quick Thank You for all that you do!! They have a beautiful little girl named Ashlynn who I also had the privilege of photographing. She can walk, so you have to be quick with the camera, but when you can distract her, you can just eat her up in the images of her (well not literally). I was in my hometown, Batesburg-Leesville, South Carolina, for these images and I actually got to meet the owner of this property of cotton fields and muscadine vineyard. He is one of the well-to-do folks of my town, and luckily he was very easy going and allowed me to photograph in his beautiful fields (I'm also thinking it had something to do how he may have known my dad as well). Here are some of my favorite images from their shoot:

Looks like Ashlynn wants to drive the Bobber herself!

It was great finally meeting y'all, Lauren. What a privilege to photograph such a beautiful family! Thanks!




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