Mandy & Charlie

Mandy & Charlie have known each other since they were children, and little did I know they actually knew a few people I went to school with in Gilbert! I feel like this shoot was truly successful. I could tell just how in love they are, and I hope to my viewers they can clearly see it as well! They're such a beautiful couple to capture, and I am excited to say I am honored to photograph their wedding in April. They're so easy-going, despite the drizzling rain which invited itself to the shoot (you'll be able to see it in some of the images below). I was thankful I was behind the camera for this weather, but they never faltered with amazing smiles and charisma. I photographed them on my family's farm, and I was so grateful they were so excited for this location! They fit the environment perfectly, and definitely added more style to the place! So, enough typing and enjoy these images which are some of my favorites (click on the images to make them bigger)!

This Chevy was my Great Uncle Socko's, and I'm sure he would have been pretty happy to see a beautiful girl around his pick-up truck.

To end the images, I thought about adding a couple of funny ones. Mandy thought it'd be a good idea to skip, but Charlie thought otherwise, haha. I thought it would be cute to have our farm duck to be with them, but she too thought otherwise and quacked herself out of that idea.

Mandy & Charlie, I look forward to your wedding in April! There's so much love to photograph with y'all. Mandy, I'll see you in a few months to photograph you in your beautiful dress.



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