I Recommend Canvas People

A lot of my clients ask who I use to print my images. Sometimes, if I really love an image, I want to put it on canvas. The way I style my images, canvas seems to really have them displayed in their best form. I have only used Canvas People to print my images on canvas. For their low prices, the quality of the canvased print is absolutely fantastic. I have 3 photographs I have made on canvas (soon to be 4!) in our home and all of them have been printed through Canvas People. Their printing process is pretty exact to what I see on the screen, and they let you see a preview of what your image will look like on canvas so you know if you need to crop more or even add a border (note: if you are worried on the image being cropped too much, adding a 2" border to the image is perfect because that is what will be wrapped).

Seeing a photograph nicely printed and framed on the wall is always wonderful, but I have noticed seeing a photograph on canvas seems to really catch the eye. At first, I thought I'd never put one of my photographs I've created on canvas unless it was a really great image or I was putting the image in a gallery because of the price, but Canvas People has really opened my eyes to know you can afford a photo you love on canvas to display beautifully in your own home. You can even give canvased photos as a gift and it looks like you have spent a fortune! However, through Canvas People, you can give a great gift without having to sell a kidney.

What I also love is their contests on Canvas People's Facebook page. I have actually won a free (yes, I mean free, including shipping!) 11x14 canvas where I can choose any photo I want to be printed on canvas at their Hidden Freebie Code Contest. If you want in on this deal, all you need to do is friend them on Facebook and keep a look out for when they post the contest (you'll need to be quick, as the code is only good for one use). Not only are their services affordable, but they also have fun with their business in giving you the chance to win a free canvas!

So, to all my clients, future clients, and/or viewers out there, I suggest Canvas People for your next print on canvas. Your walls will love you for it.



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