Ashley & Zach's Holiday Wedding

One week ago today, I had the privilege to photography someone's wedding I have known since elementary school! I always loved her spirally curly hair (and I took mine for granted when I had it!) and it was nice to know someone who was the same height as me growing up. With a blind date her mother set up, she found her husband! The entire wedding was simply classy located at the Jasmine House in Columbia, South Carolina, and I can tell there was a lot of work which went into it! A huge round of applause goes to the people (especially the family) for making the wedding spectacular. So, without any further adieu, here are some of my favorites from their wedding:

I loved the back of the bridesmaid dresses.

The groom and his party.

The bride and her party.

The bridesmaids had a smart thing going. They duct taped the bottom of their shoes to their feet to make sure their shoes wouldn't slip as they walked.

Here is one way to take the edge off before saying your vows.

Her mother's kiss before the bride walked down the aisle.

I loved her expression as she walked into the building to walk down the aisle.

The photograph on the right is their first photo made together after their first kiss as husband and wife.

The groom's party carrying the bride. I never noticed Ashley's heels 'til now and I love them!

The whole gang. We needed a silly photo before the reception began!

One of the bridesmaids and the bride share a smile.

Their first dance. I love how true her smile is and his gaze on her in this image.

Before the father and daughter dance completely ends, he gives her a great big hug.

Another father and daughter dance. I love her smiles through every dance she had.

I was holding back tears before this dance, and then I just let them fall as I made some images of her mother & daughter dance. What got me was I hope to have a mother & daughter dance at my wedding with Mama and seeing this as they danced to "I Hope You Dance" just challenged me to have the images in focus since I was silently crying! Simple beauty.

Another mother & daughter kiss.

Detail of their wedding cake the bride's aunt created!

Aw, Zach, not nice to treat your wife like that!

But that's okay because she got you back!

The bride and her two sisters dance.

Congratulations to the fullest, Ashley & Zach. May you more happier moments than sad.



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