The Barnhart Navy Homecoming

I've known Jennifer for a few months now. I did a boudoir shoot for her as a gift to her husband who was at the time still in Iraq. For 7 long months, her and their two children were away from him. I was honored to photograph him coming home to see his wife and to surprise their children the next day. Here are some moments captured:

This face of admiring her husband's presence in front of her makes me smile with her.

Their daughter, Katie, made this for her dad months before he even came home. Jennifer knew if she didn't put it up she'd hear it from their 9 year old daughter!

Scott's reaction reminded me a lot of his father. I knew he was very happy to see his dad, but he had the silent shock reaction.

We were then on our way to surprise Katie at her school after this image was made.

Katie's reaction to seeing her father was priceless. I'm so happy I was able to capture this photograph of her running. When she saw him, she yelled out, "Daddy!" and I'll probably never forget this moment for as long as I live.

My favorite image made during Barnhart's homecoming. I love Jennifer's smile adoring her husband's and their daughter's reunion after 7 long months.

Seeing them like this before I saw them in the viewfinder choked me up. Holding back tears, I said to them, "Aww, all of y'all are together again." It was wonderful seeing a family so in love and happy to be with one another. This is rare it seems nowadays, and I know this will be a family portrait of theirs to cherish for many seasons to come.

I'm so happy for y'all. Thank you for your sacrifice and Welcome Home.



  1. Amazing! made me tear up! I can't wait for our homecoming and hope I get as amazing photos as this! -Ashley j

  2. I am SO happy with these captured did a wonderful job, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart...


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