Sharon + Chris Engagement

I have known Sharon for quite a few years now (since high school!). As a gift for her wedding, I gave them a mini engagement session in a field close to my parents' farm. I really loved the feel of this session. So cute, quaint, and above all: beautiful. Here are my favorites!

I had no idea there were so many bugs in this field until I saw this image. I actually like what they added to it, haha.

Congratulations, Sharon and Chris. I also want to personally thank you for making your wedding date where I could be there! It was wonderful to see all of us friends together in celebration of your love.



  1. The photos are beautiful as always Des'ola, and I'm so happy you got Sharon in some high heels!! Haha.

  2. Well, Lisa, I actually got Sharon in ONE high heel :D In the other foot was a tennis shoe because she would have towered over Chris with those. Those heels are my college graduation 5" heels :D


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