My Favorite Images Made in 2011

I have to say my photographic year of 2011 was a success! Going through my external hard drive of photo shoots, I am reminded of how blessed I am to share what I love with other people, and I hope to continue this always. For all who have made memories with me and my camera, may you always cherish them and I hope for us to make more. For those who have not, I hope to see you in my viewfinder in 2012. On my Facebook photography page, I have posted a couple of discounts, one which is going on 'til the middle of March!

Please take a gander as I share most of my favorite images of 2011 (some have not even graced the blog, so be sure to view all of them!) These images exclude my favorite wedding photographs:

The most loving couple I have photographed yet.

A new but short chapter to a girl who was in the Navy who shortly lived in Groton before departing for the west coast.

My favorite bride I have photographed so far. Vintage elegance fits her so well.

This lil' girl models wonderfully, and she doesn't even know it.

One of my very favorite maternity shots. She was 19 weeks here.

I never get tired of photographing these twins back home in SC.

My favorite of one of my good friends in her wedding gown.

I hope to photograph them again in the future. I loved their love together and how carefree she was.

This baby did not want to sleep until about the last ten minutes of our shoot, and it was worth it.

I want to do more boudoir shoots for others! Here is an example I was given permission to show last year, but never put it up until now.

This lady was a diva at its finest.

As beautiful as this image is, it was very itchy and hot! Alma worked it well!

I unfortunately might miss these March flowers because I may not be in SC in time for them to be blooming, but whenever I have a chance, I always love photographing with them.

They've been friends for a very long time, and I've known of them almost as much.

I absolutely loved her look for this shoot.

Even if this shoot was less than 30 minutes, I got some of my favorite shots because of the light and the couple in them.

I also hope to do more photographs with men in uniform in 2012 as well!

One of the prettiest couples I've ever photographed.

I've known her since college and I hope to know her much longer! She's my favorite country girl, and before 2011 ended, her favorite country boy asked for her hand in marriage.

This couple was very easy going despite the humid weather along with the rain which invited itself on this shoot. I am so happy I got to bring out my great uncle's chevy truck for this!

My hairstylist is an ultimate dog lover, and this image fits her perfectly with them.

One of my favorite families I have photographed!

I see this being in GQ magazine.

One of my favorite women I have had the privilege to photograph pregnant!

I'm so proud to say I photographed this image with her. You are glowing gorgeous.

My first dog portrait I loved. This year, we got a lab & mastiff mix puppy named Kronos. He currently is almost 50 lbs. and about 4 1/2 mo. old!

Beluga whale

This is just one of the images I'll always remember for my first time in Wisconsin.

My favorite image I personally made with Kevin and I.

I end this with my favorite self portrait I made of myself in 2011.

I had so many more favorite images, but I realized after 30 images, I needed to cut it short. I hope you enjoyed some of my favorites of 2011, and I hope for you to be in some of my favorites this year! Let's book a shoot and as always, military families receive $25 any portrait session!

Happy 2012. Happy love. Happy moments. Happy life.



  1. Wonderful-simply wonderful!! I am constantly impressed by your skill and attention to detail, not to mention the beautiful images you create! I love how you capture something special with each photograph, about each person (and animal). Keep up the beautiful work, love. I am blessed to call you friend :)


  2. All of your photos are amazing! I can't wait to do a family shoot when the hubby and you are in town at the same time!

  3. Had not seen this one before:

    So lovely to stare at for a long time.

    Thank you for sharing!!!


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