Tara B. @ 30 Weeks Pregnant

Our shoot on Sunday was rescheduled to today due to rain. We had warmer weather, which was a great thing since over half of the shoot was located at the shore. I had a lot of favorites from our shoot, but here are just some I picked:

I had been wanting to do this pose for a while, and Tara was my first pregnant model to try this out.

I loved this in black & white.

I was so happy with this shot. I had wanted to photograph with these trees ever since I saw how beautiful they were in bloom. This photograph we made together came out so much better than I imagined in my mind.

The photograph on the left is very similar to the first in this entry, but I loved the flow within it.

Congratulations to the Badillos on their soon-to-be 3rd daughter!



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