Megan's Home Birth with Davin August

PLEASE NOTE: These are images of a home birth. I was lucky enough to have the permission of the mother to post these and share with others, so I expect respectful and open-minded viewers. I have processed these to black and white in consideration, but if you feel if you may somehow be offended or disturbed by these images, DO NOT read further or scroll. Thank you.

I cannot fully express how Fortunate I feel to have photographed my first home birth this morning. The energy in the room was full emotion and power all at once. I had not felt that much adrenaline in a while, so I cannot fathom what the mother was going through. Just a couple or so minutes after 3AM, Megan brought into the world a baby boy. The strength I saw within this woman was remarkable, and for as long as I live, she'll be with me knowing Woman has a strength beyond what we can comprehend. Congratulations to the fullest, and much love to this family.

I am very fortunate to say Megan wrote in her own words this remarkable experience, and she also gave me permission to put it on here!:

"I'm still kinda in shock, that I just gave birth in a $30 kiddie pool in my bedroom. Baby had been really low and I was so ready for him to come as soon as I hit 37 weeks.. but knowing that I had my two older children at 40 weeks, 2 days, I figured there was no chance I was going into labor soon. It didnt stop me from praying and begging as often as I could. Anyways, fast forward to 39 weeks. I woke up on Thursday morning and had my bloody show.. I started to get excited and was determined to walk until Davin popped out.. But as much as I walked, I wasn't having any contractions and I was starting to feel discouraged. Friday, I get up and just felt off, but was determined to walk again. I ran some errands and then met a friend at the mall to walk.. Nothing exciting, so we had dinner and then planned to meet at my house to walk some more later on. Before she came over, I walked the track behind my house several times, and was starting to get some contractions going.. I called my mom and asked her to come stay in case I woke up in labor.. Lindsay comes over at 8:30 and we walk a couple more laps.. Nothing strong or steady, but I was contracting! Mom comes over, Lindsay goes home.. By about 10:30, I was having steady contractions, but didn't think to time them.. and was able to get through them easily. Around 11, my contractions dropped to 4 minutes apart, and I was having to breathe and concentrate through them. I FBed two friend (Lacy and Des-also my photographer) to come over.. and wasn't sure what to expect or how long it would be. I called my midwife, and she said she would call me back in a half hour and see how I was doing.. I jumped in the shower and quickly had to get out and call her, my contractions were now 3 minutes apart and I couldn't stand through them anymore. Midwife called! Birth support was here.. and I was struggling through contractions on the toilet. Birth tub was filling up and I was starting to think I was going to have this baby before it filled completely. My midwifes get here, and I have no clue on time anymore.. I am still laboring on the toilet, and don't even want to think about moving. My pool finishes filling up and the help me in.  Even in all my pain, I wanted to run and jump in, thinking there would be so immediate relief.. LOL But as nice as it was, there was no getting rid of the pressure pains that labor brings until you push that baby out. But I'm in the tub now, and it's time to start pushing whenever I feel ready. The amazing part is, that you have no option but to push when your body is ready.. And as painful as it is, if you just relax and give into it, it feels incredible at the same time. All the mothers who read this, and have had a natural medication free birth know exactly what I mean.. It's a sensation that cant really be described. Anyways.. I'm in the pool and starting to push.. based off how I felt, I thought for sure, 1 push and he would be out. It did not happen like that, even though it was fast. I feel like I wasn't really there. I had no concept of anything, except the sensations that kept overtaking my body.. I forgot everything I had read and I just couldn't give into them and ride them out, I know I kept tightening up, and I hit that wall. I was begging for a hospital, for pain meds.. for just a small break to breathe... and there was nothing for me.. The contractions that were only 3 minutes apart were suddenly right on top of each other. 1 would end, and just as fast as that, another would begin, my body was pushing down, even though I was fighting it as much as I could.. (I didn't want to poop in front of anyone) Its amazing.. My brain was trying to signal to my body not to push and to tense my legs up.. and my body just kept going forth and doing what it is meant to do, to get that baby out. My midwife checked and he was right there, but there was a little lip over him.. and that lip needed to be out of the way before I could get him out. I got a little bit of oxygen, and (like I said I was out of it) I dont know who said anything, or what was said exactly.. but at some point I felt the words "Relax" said to me.. and just like that I did.. and I found some strength and on that next push, the lip moved and I felt him. I felt baby enter the world. It is a feeling that is unlike any other, and if you plan to birth soon... Find your inner strength and trust your body. As painful as it is, It is the most incredible, beautiful feeling...
Davin August Spisak
June 30th 2012 3:09am
19inches long"



  1. Congratulations Megan! Des'ola, as always absolutely beautiful. How wonderful!

  2. What a great experience! This in no way was was like telling a story with the photos.

  3. So beautiful! What wonderful pictures for your babies amazing birth Megan!

  4. These are amazing! Congratulations!


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