Kevin's and My Engagement Shoot

This weekend I did Kevin's and my engagement shoot. I have to thank Kevin again for giving me a camera remote about two years ago because with that and a tripod, these photos were possible! We had a few people curious, slowing down their walking paces, wondering what we were doing standing in front of the camera with no one behind it. We even had one person to ask if we wanted them to 'click the button', but I showed him the remote in my hand. I'm very grateful for it because I'm sure I would have quit in less than half an hour with only two pictures coming out of the whole process! Despite the horrible humidity at our first location, I got the photograph I wanted there along with a couple more I wasn't planning on originally doing! We waited a couple hours to go to the second location, and the weather was so much better along with much less people. Here are my favorites from the shoot, and in the near future there will be an engagement announcement in my hometown's newspaper!



  1. Des'ola I have always loved your work! Beautiful as and the pictures! I wish y'all all the happiness in the world!


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