Newborn Jameson

Yesterday I had pretty perfect weather (in my opinion) to photograph. We had great cloud cover, and even if I could have gone 10 degrees cooler, it was great for outdoor baby photography, so I asked the parents if we could do some outside shots. We actually made most of our photographs in their very own front yard. I've gone by their house many times adoring their front garden, so this was kind of a treat for me. Jameson is only a wee 17 days old in these photographs, and here are some of my favorites we made together:

I was pretty stoked to capture his little smile here.

Congratulations to the fullest to the McKenna's! Thank you for the wonderful opportunity to photograph your little miracle.



  1. The pictures are awesome Des'ola! THank you so much. I can't wait to have you take more as he gets older!!!!!


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