Alma & John S.

I've photographed Alma before on a few occasions, and all were awesome. On this shoot, I got to photograph her and her new husband, John! Congratulations, by the way. It is always an adventure when I photograph Alma (and/or her twin, Beatrice, too!) and we got to photograph in a 70+ year old house their father was actually born in! This house had so much history, and I could have spent hours in there if possible. We also photographed in front of a building in the town we went to high school together. I've drove past it many times, and seeing the arches within the building always made me think, "That would be a fabulous photographing location," and they gave me the inspiration to remember I wanted to photograph there. What a treat. Here are some of my favorites from their shoot:

Thank you so much again for giving me the honor to photograph y'all in your love. 



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