Maevis K. Six Days New

I have known Lisa & Michael since high school, and I've had the privilege to photograph them when they were dating for around one year, when Michael proposed to Lisa, their engagement session, Lisa's bridals, their maternity shoot, and now their first born's first photo shoot. I would have photographed their wedding, but I was actually in the wedding party! I cannot explain how it makes my heart full and happy knowing I've photographed them in some of the most momentous occasions of their lives. I am elated for them, especially Lisa because ever since I've known her as a teenager, I knew she wanted to have a family. Seeing this dream fulfilled of hers just makes me smile with her, and Maevis is a Blessed child to be in a family with so much Love. Here are some of my favorites from our session:

To Lisa: Thank you for finding me all those years ago on AIM Messenger to exchange poetry. I thank you even more for choosing me to be your friend, and I'm even more thankful to know our friendship is still strong despite our lives being in different zipcodes as we have found love and progressed through our seasons.



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