The Manges Family

You know how much time flies by in life when you have the privilege to photograph clients again with their first born or child. I've had this happen luckily numerous times, and the progress of seeing children grow even just from in between photo sessions is remarkable! I'm so blessed to share my love of photography by photographing others so they have those memories for many moons to come and to look back on a great day of a photo session. This was my last session of my latest SC visit, and it was great seeing the Manges family again! Here are just some of my favorites:

Thank you again for giving me the great honor of photographing your family, Carrie. I loved seeing Marlee interact with her own sized rocking chair! I also want to share when I showed Mama y'alls images she said, "That is a really happy looking family. I don't know if I have ever been that carefree (seeing photos of Marlee)." Don't change because it looks like y'all are doing marvelous!



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