Slavin Maternity in Sunflowers

I have known the Slavin's for a couple years now, and I'm good friends with Katy. I knew they wanted children, and they got their wish shortly after Mike returned from deployment. When Katy hinted to me she was expecting, I didn't quite understand until she had to blatantly tell me I will be there to see the Slavin baby as she revealed her happy news after I found out my husband and I were extended to stay in Groton longer due to the Navy. That's a fun memory. What I really want viewers to know is even if I did not know them, I could see their joy together in being new parents while photographing them. If they were trying to hide their love for each other and how ecstatic they are for their baby girl, they failed miserably. Here are just some of my favorites from their photo session at Buttonwood Farms in Griswold, Connecticut, USA:

I am so happy for you both, Katy and Mike. Thank you for this honor of photographing such a great time in y'alls life as y'all soon enter parenthood. Congratulations again.



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