A New Look for Des'ola Photography

For almost ten years, I had the same general look for my website. These last couple of weeks I contemplated on going a different route with this. Ultimately, I decided to go through with it! So, here's the beginning as we soon enter the year of 2019. I've combined my blog (that I honestly abandoned last year) with my online portfolio. I will be tweaking this throughout the next couple of weeks. The tabs I still want to add are Maternity and Boudoir, as these are still my favorites to photograph (so don't fret, I have not decided to stop photographing these).

I decided to keep a Pricing tab on my website, so this is another reminder that information is always available to view without having to wait for a response.

Take a look, and let me know what you think!!!

I also want to thank everyone I photographed in 2018. I am grateful to be photographing past a decade, and I hope to photograph for many more seasons to come. Here are just some of my favorites from this year!



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