Love Story of Alma & Craig

Alma & Craig are an incredibly lovely example why I adore photographing couples so much. From the time I met up with them (this was the first time I met Craig) to the time we parted, the incredible love vibes and positive energies around them were immense. I could not get over it, and before I knew it my cheek muscles were sore smiling right along with them. I did not want to stop photographing how wonderful they are, and seeing how one looks towards the other is beyond heart melting. I am so happy for their happiness, and I hope you can see how in love they are within these images! Here's just some of my favorites from their session:

Craig, I thank you for contacting me to surprise Alma with this session. I am adoring your new love, and I hope these images can bring you back to the magical moments y'all have together when you have a great pond separating you two. Stay beautiful, both of you!



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